2 dages workshop V./ Robyn Walser, PHD

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: Deepening your experiential work and growth in flexible implementation

Aarhus – Denmark d. 14.-15. september 2018

Masterclass Theme
In ACT, the combination of acceptance and mindfulness processes along with the values and behavioral commitment processes has a unique way of touching both the therapist and client’s lives in the service of positive life change.

While Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as other third wave therapy techniques have been widely disseminated over the past decade, their application within a truly experiential framework often remains a challenge for therapists. The goal of this advanced training will be to assist participants in developing or furthering skill in experiential and process oriented ACT practice. The workshop will include conceptualization of cases, case consultation, and implementation of ACT centered on interpersonal, intrapersonal and the 6 core processes of ACT. This work will be explored through roleplays, demonstrations, and skills practice, as well as didactics.
– Robyn Walser

What will you learn?

  • Defining and moving toward more process and
    experiential work in ACT.
  • Bringing the core processes into natural
    conversations with your clients.
  • Connecting to the therapeutic process rather than
    relying on techniques and metaphors to carry your
  • Selecting, building, and delivering experiential
    exercises and metaphors that are linked to the
    client’s experience and housed in the therapeutic

Workshops målgruppe:

Workshoppen er på øvet niveau og forudsætter et grundlæggende kendskab til Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model, tilgang og metode.
Workshoppen henvender sig til fagpersoner, der arbejder indenfor det psykologiske/psykosociale felt og har klientkontakt (f.eks psykologer, læger, sygeplejersker, pædagoger, socialerådgivere, og psykoterapeuter, mindfulness/yoga instruktører).

Workshoppen vil foregå på engelsk.

Kursusudbyder og kursusansvarlig:

  • Camilla Grønlund, Act house psykologerne – Huset Blachsgaard, Vesterport 8K , 8000 Aarhus.
  • Anne Agerbo, ACT in Life – Ryesgade 29, 8000 Aarhus.
Dato Den 14.-15. september 2018. Dag 1 kl. 10-17 og dag 2 kl. 9-16.
Tilmeldingsfrist Den 24. august 2018
Sted Huset Blachsgaard, Vesterport 8 K, 8000 Aarhus C
Pris 5.250,- kr. inkl. moms.
Kursus gebyr vil omfatte evt. kursusmaterialer (eftersendes), kursusbevis, kaffe/te, snack formiddag, let frokostanretning og eftermiddagskaffe + sødt.
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